P125x Keihin PWK28

Hi,I’m Japanese scooterist.
I have the question. My scooter is P125x with Polini177cc kit,
SIP EVO 2000(left) and Keihin PWK28.
Please tell me what jet size should I take?

hello satoshi.ive only really dealt with dellorto carbs till recently and i ran my polini 177 with a 130 main jet with a mikeck pipe and 28mm carb.any carbs the same size should need roughly the same jets so try a 128 and go up or down as needed

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Thanks vespadoctor and Thebat18!!
My P125X is running in #135 main jet,and B9HS spark-pulug.
Low and mid rpm’s good(I think) but did’nt try full-throttle.
I will try full-throttle and check spark-plug.

Sorry I’m not good at English.

Just be carefull… The Kehin and Dell’Orto don’t use same jetsize-numbers. So dont count on it…
I would see the status on the sparkplug-cheramic.
If it is golden-brown, as an un-shaken chocolate milk, it got a perfect mixture.
If the colour is white, it is running to lean, and you haft to go up in jet-size.
The same if the colour is black, then it get a too ritch mixture, and you are haft to go down in size…

So you need to find a healty colour… a kind of brownish [:P]

for all you carb heads out there ive just fitted and oval bore 28/30mm ‚d‘ slide carb(cheap copy of keihin carb) onto my 210 and it knocks the sox off any dellorto and at around £48 from scootrs crap on the heads of mikuni as well.cheap asian goods arent what they used to be.go on,save some money and invest in some good cheap performance

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984