P range full hydraulics

Hey fellas a quick question here.

I am wondering if there is a master cylinder that will fit onto standard p range bars. in the sip catalog there are two types, one says bolt on which i assume is for the newer style of p range bars, does that mean the other ones are for standard bars?


Yeah there is a SIP part but no photo of it mounted on the bars.

SIP, can you organise one pls.?

They don’t fit the standard drum headset, what you need to do is: Cut off the lever bracket to give space for the cylinder to fit, get a quick action throttle tube and fit it in your headset (this is reduced to 22mm (7/8ths) so you will need a quick action throttle, get a motorcycle master cylinder and a full length brake hose, either route it through the forks where the original brake cable went, or run it down the frame under the headset and modify the mudguard to let the hose through to the caliper (like disc PX’s are). SIP sell a bracket that fits on the mirror bolt holes and allows you to use a standard PX master cylinder, but I have never seen one used so do not know exactly how it works, you should still have the standard throttle if you use one but you will still (probably) need to cut the lever fitting off your headset.