P engine into small frame?

How easy is it to fit a PX engine into a small frame Vep? Just a crazy idea i’ve been entertaining.

shaun!! how are you? i found an email from you in the depths of my yahoo inbox couple of days ago, sorry i haven’t been in touch; i’ve had to put scooters out of my head abit the last few months, our first baby was due yesterday!!! so we’ve kind of been pre-occupied. i’ve also managed to get 9 points on my licence, so i’m kind of pooping my self about getting pulled on my scooter and loosing my licence. i was actually going to strip my scooter down and ebay all the bits. i went out for a last ride before i SORN’d it and deciced its to silly to sell and i’d be better of covering it in hammerite and sticking a tarp over it until i can afford the time and money to revive the death trap… i’d also like to maybe try and be a bit more legal, maybe getting my bike licence and reg it as 125 or somthing… i think i do still want that side panel. i wouldn’t mind a whole new frame really, mines kind of very nearly actually dead… hope you well, ozzy

he he [;)]

Nice to see there’s still some true Scooterboys left Ozzy! We are a dying breed you know;D

;D I can vouch for that! can remeber the biker saying"christ,somthing’s fallen off your gearbox" laughing at him didn’t help!
how are you ozzy! still got your panel waiting:p

easy peasy; work out the distance from the center of the wheel to each side of the engine mount, be really accurate when doing this and measure it a couple of times to make sure… do this on both s/f and l/f engine. then cut off whats nessercary from the l/f motor, if you measurings right it you should need to take off more from one side than the other. next you’ll need to call in the help of your trusty hammer to beat in the bit of frame where the cylinder head sits. people had said to me that you need to move the rear shock hole, i didn’t find this nessercary, i have a PK100s with a mental 20hp px166 reed motor in it, i don’t know whether this frame is slightly different or what? i very much doubt it? i have a PX shock on it?.. anyway my scooters a barrel of laughs (death trap!!!)and i’d recomend the conversion if your into tuning and sillyness. my scoot still handles ok, i was also expecting to loose that BMX like small frame handling, but instead i have a stupidly fu**ing quick BMX. if a was doing it again opt for some px200 casings and do a longstroke 210 with more modest port timings for a less pipey ride, i only used the px125 casings as my s/f motor blew up and destroyed the casings, and i had an old px125 lump. i would also try and retain as much body work on the engine side as poss, i have cut it all down to expose my motor which looks mad but attracts alot of attention which given it’s still registered as a pk100 and theres nothing legal about my scooter isn’t a good thing… let us know how it goes,

Easy enough job if you know what you’re doing.

Narrow the engine mount/pivot to suit and trim back the panel.

If you haven’t done it before get an enginering friend to help you,there’s no going back after you start cutting.

Also,why?Small frame motors can make massive horses.

Hi chaps I resently squeezed a T5 engine into a PK 50 chassis. Measure the lenth of the casting were the engine bolt passes throu on both engines then work out were the centre of the wheel will be then start cutting. The wheel alinement is your main focus as it would ride like a dog and be a MOT fail. Also the rear shock is now in the wrong place and the hole and the cuped washer that hold the shock in place have to be re drilled and welded back on. Its not as hard as it sounds Jaunk is right it may be better to enlist the help of an engineer friend. Email me direct and I will send you some pics I took wile I was doing it.

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cut off the sidepanels and add some from GS or Px or so looks awsome: