Other necessary parts for my stalker?

hello, I have one will gilera stalker of 2003 into 70 malossi cast iron sport, carburettor 17.5, limp has valve mhr, variator multivar 2000, muffler yasuni R, filter A air malossi e5, cage has reinforced needle stage6.  I would like to know if jai need for other parts so that my scooters is even more reliable.  I are new on the site (I am French and my English is not very developed) and I find it super, the shop is complete and very gravitational on the level of the prices.

I forgot to say to you that all my other parts are origins and in good condition (belt, villebrequin…)  which percentage of oils will be necessary for this configuration?


thank you for your answer.

I order belt and new vario multivar 2000 for my gilera stalker.

what is the difference of the new pack overrange and the old?The price is different?


thank you for your answer.


a sport clutch and a sport belt are good to bring the performance better on the road. add them.


use a mixture of 1:44 for race



help me please!!