Original cosa 200 alu cylinder on p200 casing


On my p200 engine i did mount a original alu cylinder from a cosa 200. With the 24/24 H carburator and a sip road exhaust.

In the middle range the scooter does not run like i should be.

Does anyone knows if i can mount the jettings from a standard p200 12 hp in the H carb? 

I did found out that the choke and the bowl is different. Is there more?


thanks a lot.

Mount the jettings from a standard px SI carb...The problem in the middle range will stop when you will change the mixer tube....use a BE3 from a px because the BE4 (cosa 2) and the BE6 (COSA 1) are too lean....And use at least 120 main jet....And use the 160 air corrector(px).

The float boal is better...but the electric choke?

I think that the cosa H type carb is not better than the E type(px) in the upper range.

Why don't you use the px(E)type carb?It will be better i think.


I don't drive a E type because i have a H type. Why buy another one?

I Will change the be2 to a be 3 one. And have a look what the result will be.

The choke is changed so I can use it the normal way.