Ordering online

Help !!

Desperately trying to order stuff online but having problems.
Only the last item chosen shows up so I can’t order more than one thing at a time - can anyone help.


Some time later…

Managed to sort it bits should be on their way

Dear SSpotsam,

sorry for the late reply. If you problems with our shop most of the times the problem is that you have to ENABLE cookies in your web browser. Otherwise the browser won´t remember the items put in your cart. Try it!

Hi Xavier, I was just giving it a try, also on a Mac and with Firefox, and my test order made no problems. Can you please describe more precisely where you experience the problem? At the payment process?
If you try again and send me as PM your customer no. we can go into the logs and see what´s happening.

If you like we can also process the order from your notepad if you like so we can start working on your order.

Sorry for any inconvinience!



Thanks for replying. I sorry to say that I have already purchased my order some were else.

The problem I had was after I clicked the button to finish the order, there was no way to confirm it was actually done. The screen that did appear was the same as the page I had just clicked from. Meaning I kept clicking finish order and it caused a problem with my bank.

I’m hope you guys get these things in order, since you seem to be a great place to get parts from. It’s just a little too many issue to deal with ordering from another country, in a different time zone and in another language. I will check back in the future, hoping for improvments.

Good luck,


Well I have been trying to order 2 part for a week now and the order keep going to the note pad. I’m just about ready to give up. I have cookies on I using firefox on a Mac. Please help