I have ordered some parts   (expencive ones)  on friday 05/12/06. To ship to UK. I have chosen 4days and Sthat SIP speed priority service, I need to get my parts  till morning of 12/12/06.I have read that other people failures with you. And I noticed that you realy not answering to emails, and no parcels showing. Can you judt ship my parts as I ordered? faster, becouse I have payed for SIP speed services and this would work faster than normal ones.
Thank you.

hi im got my shopping list ready but as i come to the final payment by paypal it tells me to add a card and click continue, but there is no continue!!!!! HELP!!

I’ve never been able to get the Paypal payments to work. I would just try to find someone else with a creditcard and just pay them the money.

Linas, has your order arrived yet? if so, how long did it take?


I want to order from this site but a lot of people seem to be having problems with their orders