To the boys at sip , can you start to producing tubeless rims in standard size and wide size,so we can make inner tubes a thing of the passed . also continental twist tyres good or not ???[:dance3:]

Go and have a look at there web site under Vespa rims

I see you can get tubeless rims from scootrs now, i may give them ago and did not like the twist [:look:]

conyinental twist tyres not impressed inthe wet but dry motor way or main road tarmac better than s1 michelin but took some getting use to but all right after wearing in as for rims email them they are being brought out soon cos my mates ordered some

Saw an article in Scootering about the 1 piece rims from scootrs, but it only said these were for lambrettas not vespas.

Are they making them for vespas as well?



had a look too and they have gone, but they were there, i think the site as been updated and not been put back on[?[]

Had a look there Richie, can only see tubeless rims for Lambrettas. Can you see something I can’t?