One for the future

Alright all!?
As it’s my pocket that accounts for me doing my scoot up, you might have noticed from my other posts that i’m in the process of uprating my pk50 s, new 75cc kit an new pipe here’s a few questions.

When i go for the big upgrade: Is it true that the pk50 an 125 engine are basically the same, ie: will i one day be able to go for a 130 kit or above, as long as i change the crank, gearing, carb an cylinder. As what i’ve seen so far leads me to believe that going for a malossi 112 or polini 112, would cost almost as much, an be about the same amount of work.

As it’s still a learning process for me, any clues.

yes the PK50 and 125 are basically the same in the S version you have the small cone and 2 holes intake. The three holes intakes (XL and ETS) have big cone crankshaft.
This you should keep in consideration when you will buy your crank. You could go for the big cone if you change the bearings for a small cone to big cone conversion. But at that point you have to change the ignition and the flywheel. It is good to use the big cone if you do some serious full tuned engine with a 12V conversion.
Another point not to forget is to be carefull when you change the bearings and oil seals. Be sure to order the correct dimension since in your PK (if it is a S) you should have 20mm bearing housing and 20mm oil seal housing, but in a Primavera you have 19mm and 20mm. The ETS and XL version have even different oil seal and bearing housing (24mm and 25mm).
So just be carfull to order the ones that fit corectly with your cases and crank.
(I could mix things up in this subject so if I am wrong please somebody correct me).
In your case get a small cone so you can keep your ignition and flywheel.
The 112 or the 105 are more or less the same price that a 130 kit but at the end are less expensive since you don’t have to buy a new crankshaft to use them.

& 125 longer cylinder studs also. Yes you can fit all the big kits as basically the casings are the same fo 50 as they are for a 125.

Buy a 130/135 kit now and don’t bother with a 75cc , don’t forget the all important gear up kit aswell.

Cheers for the advice guys, hey avenger, i’ve already got the 75 kit. It’s just to see me through, until i can save up the big money, as i need more power for commuting (or getting out of my street, lol).

So at the moment i’m looking at about €450, whew, i’ll get there, hopefully by the winter.