Old pinasco kit

Not too long ago someone gave me a P-200 that he says has a Pinasco 225 top end. The frame is shot but the engine seem to be in pretty good shape. I took the cylinder head off and the top end looks brand new. No carbon build up, no blowback, no signs of a seize. I have been able to find very little info on this top end. The piston only has one ring.

Can anybody fill me in? Are parts (rings) still available? BTW, the bike was an 80’s American p with oil injection.


The original kit is a 215, but you could run with a longer stroke giving it 225, the barel is alloy but hardly tuned,but the piston had bigger ports and thinner rings.
supposed to be a very good kit,excellent for touring and very reliable,but not the fastest,sure sip has it advertised in catalogue so must be still availible

I’m all about reliabilty with some better top end. I live on the east coast of the U.S. and it is not at all uncommon to do a 300 or 400 mile trip in a day.

Here is where I’m stumped about this pinasco top end I have: the piston only has the sleeve/collar for one ring. The current kit comes with two rings. Will the current 69mm rings work as a replacement on the older kit?

I plan on keeping the stock 24/24E but need to know what jetting will work with the 225cc setup.

I’m also about to order the mazz. long stroke crank. I’ve read about some balance problems with stroker cranks and was wondering if spending the extra money on a Worb crank (they claim to be balanced) is worth the extra money?

Finally, the clutch and gears…any need to go the cosa route or can I run stock?

Thanks again,

Forgot to mention, you can run a twin ring pinasco on a single ring. TOP.

Hey, thanks for the info! I think, for the time being, I’ll order some rings and see if I can use the piston I have. The piston is in really pristine condition as is the barrel. Since I’m on a bit of a budget I’m going to go with a Sito+, unless you can recommend something better at a simlilar price. I’m going to start tearing the engine down this weekend. The crank is stuck big time.

I’ll post a link with some pics as things move along. I can’t wait to get this scoot set up so I can start „frapping her tits.“ Nothin’ in life is better than big knockers. Thank’s again for the info. I’m certain you will here from me again.

It seems that this kit was either not very popular, or not widely available in the States. So, info on U.S. scooter boards has been a bit thin.

i find the main drawback of the swift was the baffle plates inside the chamber acey baby.once removed they create a noise that deafens by being so crisp when it ‚pops‘ your ears bleed full throttle top o the revs and you can actually watch roof tiles shatter,headlamp bulbs explode and my cat prolapsed

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

the recent pinasco 225 i built was as follows:totally standard px200efl with mazuchelli long stroke crank/pinasco 213 kit/135 main jet/190 atomizer/be4 air tube/pitone exhaust however this setup worked well with the sip pipe.like i say reliable as hell and pulls 80 mph easily.the new pinasco kit is,as far as i am aware, the same bore and piston diameters,so if in doubt measure the bore and buy a pinasco piston to suit.the new 2 ring piston will give the piston better stability in the bore and stop piston slap when the old girl is a bit warm after a long stint of frapping the tits off her

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Nip along to your local metalwork shop, scrounge a piece of ali plate 1.5 thick, mark out gasket, pinch missis’ scissors anp presto instant 1.5 gasket. dont to forget to check your squish and whilst at the m/work shop pick up some 1.6/1.8 thick aswell. time consuming but may reap untold rewards. dont forget head gasket thicknessess. again, start with plain sheet, but when cutting diameter of bore go 1mm over. more beer

I’ve gone back through most of the posts on the board that had anything to do with Pinasco kits (and have seen some conflicting answers) and I have 2 ?'s

  1. Will I need to the port the cases?
  2. What is the proper ignition timing? Stock is 23 deg. BTDC,
    Pinasco suggests 24 deg. BTDC. Unless I am mistaken, I have seen a post somewhere on this board that suggested 16 deg. BTDC.

Just trying to get all this stuff sussed out.


the only port that reaches the casings from the barrel is slightly bigger than the standard port.to get best results and to alleviate any future setup problems i’d match it to the barrel.lay the base gasket on the casings and scribe the shape in then file away to suit.as for the timing where the hell pinasco get 24 degrees from i dont know because i had pinking at 20.i set it at 18 which is the 125 timing mark which wont effect performance and will help it run a bit cooler which you will need as you’ll be revving it harder.if you find she pinks at that swing it past the 125 mark until it hits the stops (approx 16 btdc).

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

as hard as nails they are, i had a 177 on a 125, reliable as f…!as said not as much performance as dr, pollini etc good value for money, must admit the pollini 177 kit i had in before it would blow it away big time, even the old t5s found hard to keep up!!! but the old iron barrel prone to the odd lock up now and again, no actually often[:’(] get all the info at scooter centre cologne or the pinasco web site its self if only they would produce it again for the t5[:’(] [:’(] [:’(] wow what a kit! the 80s men will no what i mean[:dance3:]

The ScootRS pipe is designed (copied perhaps?) from the angles and volume of a p.m. But is a tad more revvy. not really ideal due to loss of bottom end, ever ridden with a pm? now imagine 500/1k revs less at bottom grunt but only gaining 500 more. alter your exaust port timing , lower your gearing and go sprinting! Taffspeed pipe good and torquey, sip again your up the rev range again but useable power. Try and find a good conditio left side swift/taff pipe. Brilliant all round. Vespadoc will know where im coming from, not yet tho.

comin right back atcha stubbsy.recently built a pinasco 225 for a mate,got the setup perfect and she cruises up to 80 and still some left in the throttle.compared to my rev happy malossi which leaves it in a cloud of dust but does need re-sealing and bearings after a trip to the shops.if you want performance/malossi or long long long term durability sacrificing a bit of top end pinasco wins everytime.fast vespa’s fuuuukkin rock!!(unlike the fuel bills)

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

I’ve been doing a little research on the proper ring for the older pinasco single ring piston and read on several websites that the lower ring of the current 2 ring piston will work. Can anybody confirm this?

Also trying to find a source for the proper 1.5mm base gasket. SIP, Scooter-Center, et al. don’t give gasket specs on their websites.


This board has been an incredible source of info and friendly advice. Many thanks to the good folks at SIP for making the board possible, and, to all the old gearheads who help out us less experienced wrenchers.