Old p200 in a SS180 frame

Hi All, regarding an old p200, does this fit straight into a SS180 frame without any mods, problems, I was reading a reply in section 2 about someone wanting to fit the same but with a rear disk brake, I will not be fitting one of these,the reply said you would be better with a px? or does this refer to the conversion regarding the disc brake please help thanks [:sleep:]

No worries - you might have seen from the earlier posts that I’m doing a similar thing, only using a Millennium Ed PX200 engine.

I understand that bolting it in and hooking up the cables isn’t a biggie, although I haven’t actually tried it yet. However, I’m wanting to keep things like the electric start and probably the autolube, which will necessitate some changes to the wiring loom and a new tank.

I’m currently trying to sort out the wiring diagram…there’s a relatively helpful example on Scooterhelp.com, but I’m looking at doing it slightly differently and am adding in a keyed ignition in the headset.

Thanks to all regarding this conversion, regards, Oldmod.[:dance1:]

In terms of bolting the engine into the frame - yes, it should just bolt in without any problems. You’ll need to hook up the wiriing and cables, but shouldn’t be a biggie.

Hi Greggio, thanks for your reply.