oily query

Ok, PX has been sat up for a few months while I waited for parts coming back from the sprayers (you know what they are like) I have now got it all built back up, but when the engine is running there seems to quite a bit of what looks like oil, but could be petrol / oil mix running down the back of the casings, and dripping off the bottom.

I guess it must be petrol oil mix because it’s not the colour of 2 stroke oil, but is thicker than petrol, and the only other oil in the scoot is gearbox oil which is lower down in the gearbox.

Could it be coming from the carb somehow? Seems to me (but what do I know) that there’s too much for it to be coming out of the breather.

Cheers for your help

If you clean it off does it leak when scooter is left for a few days without starting

Did you take the carb for any reason? If so did you use new gaskets when you put it back on? There should be 2 gaskets, one on the bottom of the airbox and one under the carb.

It’s possible, I’ve heard of petrol evaporating leaving oil to gum up jets etc, clean the carb to make sure, should cure the problem.

On my t5 with malossi kit i used to get a lot of oil/petrol running down the back of the engine i replaced all of the gaskets several times new float in carb new float needle tryed another carb and carb box still leaked then i went from 125 main jet down to 122 problem stopped i think what was happening was the jet was putting more petrol mix in than engine needed and was spitting the petrol mix back out of the carb so it then ran out of the mixture screw grommet lowest point then down back of engine .If you look at some lammys with big carb they some times blow petrol back out of carb . This is what i think was my problem might not be the same on your scooter could be loose carb or gasket leaking Gary

It doesn’t leak when the engine is not running.

the mixture screw did look absolutely clarted when I was investigating, but it started when I had a standard 116 jet in the carb, I have now put a new exhaust on and up jetted.

Is there any gasket or seal in the carb that could be leaking?

I think it’s something that’s a result of the bike sitting for a few months.

Maybe it will rectify itself as I start to use it more…?

i never use gasket seal around the carb just the 2 gaskets in cases the sealer blocks the holes

No not had the carb out. not had anything enginey out.

I am wondering if it could be something gummed up in the carb, needles float etc? as it has been sat.

Will new petrol flush the carb clean after a while?