How to test my oil pump is working right, i can see the oil go up the pipe to the carb but not coming out of the hole in the carb, had it all off and it look o.k, the drive is working and it,s not blocked?[?[]

take into account the amount of fuel you see squirting out the main jet tube and bear in mind the oil is only 2% of that it will be hard to see and as the fuel goes down it washes the oil into the crank anyway.best way to check is put 1lt of fuel into dry tank andput a length of pipe onto metal autolube pipe and mark on it from top to bottom one lt worth of oil.fill with oil to top mark and leave it on fast idle till fuel is used then check if oil is on the lower mark you made.you’ll need to tape the pipe to your bodywork or it’ll wilt and spill

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