Oil Percentage


Here’s my setup, what would you use as oil percentage with Malossi 7.3 oil?

This is my setup :

  • PX150
  • Malossi 166cc
  • SIP Performance exhaust
  • Dell’orto PHBH30
  • Reed valves Malossi¨
  • Airfilter Ramair
  • Cylinder and the casings are ported together
  • Dell’Orto Fuel pump
  • Reinforced Clutch
  • 21x65

hello Mikkke,

sorry, this time I can’t help you, I don’t have experience with this oil, but I don’t think you could be wrong if you go to 3%. Maybe you could also go under this percentage, but to go under this percentage you should know the oil.
With Bel-Ray MC-1 I go to 1%
With Castrol TTS I go to 3%, 2% when set up is perfect.
So start at 3%, it won’t hurt for sure. 2% if the carb set up is not perfect could hurt.

Ok Thanks, good night