Oil leak on px200

can you help i have a oil leak on my scoot px200 2years old the oil seems to be around the exuast stump pipe area and runs under cassing i cant find the leak does anyone have any ideas. the bike runs fine its tempting to just ignore it as i have been told oil leaks on vespas are normal is this the case every vespa i have looked under all seem to be oily any help would be great. cheers

cheers dylan its not running out, but i get a few drops of oil on the ground when its parked its a sticky slime i am wondering if it could be where the exuast fixes on to the stump pipe mabey its blowing out there i have tightend it up as much as i can, and it dosn`t seem to blow just reving in the garden but flat out on the road it mabey differant, have you ever heard of the gasget on the carb causing a problem like this . cheers gman [:dance3:]