Oil for air filter?

hi everybody,

I have a Px200e. I wonder if you guys oil the air filter. my bike was in 5400km when I bought and the air filter was never oiled. I`ve heard that that it must be oiled. Is this true…[:shock1:] [:shock1:]

thanks but do you know where Ive heard this.... from piaggio!!! they also advice to use SAE 80 oil for gear box!!! here is the mail theyve send to me:

Dear Mr. Gokce,

Thank you for your quick reply!

We inform you that on your 1993 Vespa PX200E you can use the following
recommended oil types:

Gas tank: you can refill the tank with leaded or unleaded gasoline (2%
syntetic oil type SELENIA HI Scooter 2 Tech.

Gear box oil: SAE 80W type Tutela ZC GEMAX 6 (or in alternative you can
use an mineral oil for Two stroke engine) AP1GL4 specifications or higher

Automatic Mixer oil: Synthetic oil type SELENIA HI Scooter 2 Tech

Air filetr oil: you can use a synthetic oil type SELENIA HI Scooter 2 Tech

Best regards.

Fiorenzo Lari
Customer Service
B2R/P.V. - After Sales
Piaggio & C. - ITALY

www.Gilera. com
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That`s incredible! SAE 80 is really thick and completely different from 2-stroke oil [:shock2:]

The only thing that you need to do to the air filter is to clean it occasionally. You can do this in petrol with a toothbrush but even then most people dont bother. Vespas love to be treated rough [:P]

no, not true…it will get a bit of oil on it anyway as the gas-oil blows back out of the carb.

You get some strange advice Gokce! I`ve never ever heard of anyone even considering this [:P]