Oil Dripping from Exhaust

my sip performance exhaust drips LOTS of oil from the joints.

from reading I guess this means I’m running too rich so I’ve dropped my jetting down to almost standard.

this feels wrong to me - it’s a malossi 210 with PWK 28/30mm carb - surely this should need a big jet wih the sip pipe?
(I had the same problems with a small 24.24 carb)

the acceleration is still shite - it’s now run in to about 250miles and feels like an old 125 not a £££ malossi.

plug is a hot one - giving a good colour - maybe a bit too wet.

any advice? is there a good tuning shop down south? I’ve spent way too much time trying to sort this out. time to seek out the experts…

It’s not just petrol/oil coming through the carb. More like too much unburnt oil in the exhaust. When I stop after a quick 30min it drips pitch black for a bit - making everyone moan about the mess!

I’ve mailed the doc so maybe he’ll come to my rescue…anyone driving a van London to the west soon?

??? does it choke up when your standing at traffic lights?? maybe your drive side oil seals jiggered??

drop it down to the vespadoctor in gloucestershire.he’s the dogs doodah with 210’s and pwk carbs

oh acey you smooth talking bar steward

there there stevie the doc will come to the rescue.sent you an e-mail.

Are you sure its oil and not petrol mixed with carbon from the exhaust itself. If its actually dripping then I would look towards your float in the carb. When ticking over, or even switched off with the fuel tap off the fuel will run through the carb , through the crank and out the bottom into the exhaust. more common on a scoot stood for a while,and with a standard carb. Are you running the pwk now or as it was, if as it was it may also explain your previous problem. If not wot angle is the carb at. I would also expect starting problems with this fault. When the fuel tap is off the fuel will still run till the pipe is empty.

If the Doc is offering, take the man up on it. Hes the original and ONLY messiah. And doodahs like a dogs!