Octane booster?

I have a PX200 with some mild porting and a 1mm plate under the barrel for more mid-range. It works really well, but better with Shell Optimax. Trouble is, there are not as many Shell stations as there used to be, so I use BP Ultimate if I can’t find Shell.

Has anyone used an octane booster or a fuel improver I can carry round with me for those times when the low fuel light comes on and there is no BP or Shell around?

STP won’t warrant their products in a 2-stroke engine - any ideas?

Thanks, Nick

Sorry T-WATT but you need to change your username, you are asking for abuse.
For the record though I have used octane boosters/fuel additives before and not had any problems, but I have heard from guys that have, we worked it out that different brands can have different reactions to the brand of 2stroke oil used and the problem happens mainly in premix engines, I’ve not heard of it in autolube motors.
So if anybody wants to try it I`d recommend you do a little experiment to see if the booster you want will work with the oil you use by mixing some up in a can, leaving it overnight then looking to see if it has stayed mixed OK or caused the mix to separate/emulsify in any way. Better a can than your motor.

Thanks folks - didn’t mean to cause any grief! Mine is an autolube engine, I will give silkolene pro-boost try.

Cheers, Nick[:look:]

Tried it once, it thinned petrol down so it ran down into gear box. I think it was millers. It did same to a mates bike also .[I)]

what a load of crap!!!thinning petrol! its more of a LEAD booster rather than CELLULOSE THINNER[:D] its to combat pinking!!try out silkolene pro boost i used it with all my kitted scoots!advice likr that says all about your user id. TWAT

suit yer self. but i used millers octane plus, within a couple o days there was petrol in me gears. nothin wrong with oilseals, casings were tight, i drained the tank and changed the oil. It never did it again!. I only used it cos i was on holiday in cornwall, and could’t find super unleaded. no need to call me a twat, only passin on info to save anyone having same problems i had.


yes Stubbsy here I am with you !!!


fair point, only used it to take *** out of a mate without him knowing who i was. He’s never been on i since started. Don’t get me wrong the millers worked, but having petrol/oil mix flowing out your breather nut just aint right.