number plate

hi can any one tell me what is the minimum size a rear number plate has to be in the uk on a scooter Thanks Gary[:dance3:] [:dance1:]

Hi again mate
I think after some head scratching the actual legal size required is 9x6…that is one ugly mother of a plate! Like I say dont worry about it as I know that unless you really take the piss you will get away with it

All my scoots have a plate the same size as the rear panel ie the same size as the Italian plates that they are designed to fit. Bees in Camberwell, London make some to fit. They advertise in Scootering.

Bigger than 7x5 I believe,but I ride with a smaller plate than that and have been stopped by the old bill and they dont care mate,as long as it aint stupidly small

Thanks The one on scoot is 9x6 was hopeing to fit smaller one say 5x 7
will go ahead and get one made thanks for anwser
GARY[:smile:] [:dance3:]

I think mine is 6"X6" as fitted in one of those chrome surrounds and purchased through the ads in scootering cut to size, drilled to suit and with a touch of custom printing on the bottom of the plate for £7 plus a SAE. Never had a run in with the rozzers in 2years so touch wood…