NRG which exhaust+variator

I am trying to decide on a new emarked sports exhaust for my piaggio NRG DT. it has a leovince ZX and has a malossi
21mm carb and a 70cc kit. ive had the giannelli reverse and i thought it was a bit boring looking and sounding like the original 1. same for the leovinceZX. i had a malossi MHR 1 and that was good but is very expensive. any suggestions on alternatives

AND a variator i want a Malossi MHR 1 but i dont know which its the best

stage 6 pro exhuast and yasuni c16 .. are good .. and the hebo's r good  for your set up


s c o t t y

na dere s*hit m8 wot u wnt is a heboo pipe

yea i would say the stage six pro exhaust that is wot i have now and they are so good

judging by the sound of you ped you have doe a lot to it so i wouldant be tight with money on a sports pipe and would highly recomend the new 360 degrees curl one fom pm tuning this is one of the best pipes on the market today. or if you dont want to spend load but want preformance i would recomend the pipe i have and its the ixil twin in chrome


hope this was healpful