Hi There, I have a NRG MC3 DD and im planning on buying the ‚Hebo Manson 70cc kit‘ for my bike. I allready have a ‚Malossi Full Circle Crank‘ & a ‚Hebo Next Generation Variomatik Variator‘.

So really i would like some advice on what components that would run nicely with this.

These are my plans at the moment:
Hebo Manson 2 70cc kit
Hebo variator
21mm Carb
Malossi Reed Block
Malossi Inlet Manifold
Hebo Clutch
Malossi Airfilter
Malossi Gear Up Kit
Torque Driver

Could some people give me some tips for this please i.e Jets, Slide, Needle etc.

Thank You [:D]

you are aware that the hebo maston 2 is a purely race cylinder  … and will not last  long  for street use   the rest of you setup is fine  … i would advise the malossi multivar 2000  its a better vario . malosi delta clutch and wingbell are better choice then the hebo , also do you have a belt … if not i would go for the malossi special x  , what exhaust r you runing ?  if you do plan to use the manston go for the  hebo racing 4  its a good exhaust  ,  if you want to use on street and want it to last go for the manston replica  and it will last long the build quality is the best around  and power befor porting is easily 14 bhp   more then enough for the streets :wink:

hope that helped

S c o t t y
( buy some new brake pads and  malossi front brake disk … you will need the stoping power :wink: ) have fun