NRG MC3 DD what do i do next?

I have an NRG with a ninja twinner exhaust, polini 68cc Cylinder Kit (P1400183) and a malossi multivar variator kit (M519019). i have the twinner clutch springs in. i was hoping someone could tell me what size carb to use so that i get faster accelaration in the low and medium revs but i dont want it to slow in the top end revs either. it currently wont move untill i hit 6000 revs and then it properly accelerates at 8000 is this right? any help would be much appreciated thanks.[:smokin:] [:roll:] [:smokin:]

i hav a nrg DT with a malossi 68cc kit with a 21mm carb its acceleration is sick. it moves at about 5,000 revs. 19 or 21 mm carb is good 21 is better but the problems u are having are priobaby the rollers which if they are standard 1s they are 6.5 which are too heavy. the same thing happned on my old nrg. what i did was get some 5.0g malossi rollers and it made such a difference you may want some 5.5s cos my last bike was only a 50

try  swapping the exhaust for  a leovince zx or the handmade 70 or maybe go  for  mallosi  mhr rep exhaust  ( sold on s-i-p )  …  go for 5.5 gramm rollers  and use  high tempreture grease   on ur variator … maybe you’re rollers r a little sticky  …

Good Luck


I would loose the Ninja Twinner and get a better working exhaust, the Ninja is more a show than a performace exhaust.
Dellorto PHBG 19mm is a really good carb for sport and semirace motors. But get rid of that Ninja showpipe first…[:smile:]

i have an nRg mc3 at home, big bore kit to a 70cc, i took a risk using 4.5g rollers, and am using a 21mm carb, with 93mm jets and was amazed, this truly is the way to get some power out of your bike, it would be good as said above to get a better exhaust, try using an arrow exhaust and tailpipe, this also takes all the restrictions (if any) out of the exhaust,i used 4.5g rollers, and a lighter flywheel, it may not seem to do much but would help you in the pick up at lower revs, and a little more top end.

Best for a 70cc kit : Carb kit 17.5 to 21 (28 if Hi-end racing kits), Hebo exhaustpipe and Malossi MHR exhaust are the top of class, get a Delta clutch and stronger springs for lifting the front wheel on start, also lighter variator weights will help you do the Hole-shot.

thats it.

Have fun with piaggio motors :) top of the class by far.