Nozzle for DR75? Please help


I have a standard 16 carburator to a 75cc cylinder-kit. Doesn't work well. I have tried 74, 75 and 80 nozzle with no good result.

Any tips?

Thanks Mon, I have already picked up a 70 nozzle, trying that first. Maybe I forgot to mention that I have a 90 exaust on it... Crossing my fingers on the 70. Should I have a 19 carburetor, or is the 16 OK?

Hi ..

The SHB 16 is ok.

I recommend you to take a 10 % higher jet with a race pipe.

Its allways better to place an higher jet an watch the sparkplug.

So i recommend you to start with a 74 or 72



Hmmm, interesting (in lack of another word...) Thanks very much so far, I will try and come back[:)]

Hi ..

I am wondering that your scoot is running with your nozzles [;)]

If you ride an 75 cyl. with a 16 carb you have to use 66-70 mainjet !

The jet size that you are using is for the 19 carburetor.


OK, this is not fun. [:(] I kind of took the word from the seller that it was a 75 kit on the Vespa. Tried every nozzle available...nothing! Then I finally took off the cylinder head to check, it was a 55mm bore, should be somehing around 100cc? What do I do now - change to a 75 kit, adjust carb etc to the 100(or something)???

Tips will be very appriciated!

Good luck dude !