None starter

                                              Hope some body can help me

I've got vespa 210 with reed valve.  Has been put up for a while.   Have gone to get it out for the summer,dust of the cobwebbs,and i'm now having problems in starting the old girl.

I have to put my hand over the carb to attemp to start it.     It fires up after a while but will not tick over untill hot,even with choke out.         My carb is 30ml dellorto with a mikuni fuel pump.    Have gave the carb a bit of a service,clean out the jets(flushed with carb cleaner).

Not to sure what size jets are in carb at the moment.(wish now i took a note of them)  Bike is in the shop at the moment having the brake and clutch bled. 

Can any one tell me what jet's i should be using.


                                            Cheers in advance....    Dave...   

Was advised to start with AV 264 atomiser - 135 main - x2 needle, 2nd clip down.

Got AV 262 atomiser - 138 main - x2 needle, 2nd clip down in mine running not bad but little rich in places.

Been advised  to get it dynod.

Hope this helps as starting point.




Cheers AGGYS i’ll give that a go.    I am goner take it to a dyno at Southend,but i need to start it first to get it there.