Noisey clutch

I have a Mk1 T5 with a clutch which works fine but it seems to be rattling quite alot , is this the norm or is there something that is obvious ?[:D] [:D] [:D]

The clutch seems to be rattling without the lever pulled in.When i pull the lever in it quietens a little.

Didge, is it noisy when the lever is pulled in or quieter, apparently if it is noisier when the lever is pulled then it should be re-fitted with a „shimmy“ as my mate calls them to adjust for any play when the clutch is in use. Hope this helps or if anyone else can elaborate on this as mine is like this after fitting a Cosa FL2 to my T5, but will be remedied soon.:shoot1:[:dance3:]

Remove the clutch cover and check that the nut is torqued up properly. You may need the castle nut clutch tool on that model, not expensive only about £4.

My clutch has allways rattled when I have the lever pulled in. I have done 21000 miles now and no problems at all with it, I guess they are just noisy.