Noise from the front wheel


I suddenly noticed a noise coming from the front wheel of my P200. It’s like a high pitch „winy“ sound, or „scraping“ sound. Difficult to describe. But it’s constant now (even when I spin the wheel lightly when the scoot it’s on its stand).
Any ideas what is causing it? Could it be the wheel bearings? Are they hard to replace?


could be the brake. is it disc or drum?



Thanks Jim,

Is it a difficult job (I have very little mechanical knowledge or experience, but I'm learning ;))? And which parts do you recon are worth replacing while I'm stripping it down? (I.e. which bits should I be ordering before I start). Is it worth replacing the bearings anyway?


They’re drum brakes.
It doesn’t feel like there’s too much resistence when spinning the wheel though.

Its very easy to take off the hub and have a look at the brakes, the bearings is a bigger job.

Before ordering any parts I would check the brakes and that there are no bits of grit trapped against any moving parts etc. If you do not solve the problem then I would look at the bearings. I've not replaced any wheel bearings so wouldn't like to try and advise you. But better to check the simple things first!


Sounds like it will need stripping down you'll have to look at the brakes to get to the beaarings anyway