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Hello, even if this english section seem not frequented by SIP team I’ll post my doubts here…

I placed an order some days ago, paid with credit card and the order never appeared in my profile at the main site.

I sent some emails at different addresses to them asking if they received my order and the status of it but they never replied me. Actually waht I need to know is if my credit card has been already charged, if not I can order what I need elsewhere.

I can only speak to them with emails because I can’t stand a conversation in english nor in german.

Can someone please help me ?

What is your mother language?

Normally it takes two days for you to receive the „UPS“ mail if you use it, than it takes UPS three or four opening days to come to you. For my five last order, I receive the SIP mail the day UPS comes to my house!!!

Last thing, their mail address is [email protected]

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I got the reply, no more troubles. The main problem is not to see my order in my personal area till it has been sent. It should be better to show it even if it’s in progress like everywhere happens, but it was a pain only because it was my first order here.

Thank you for your replies !


I am Stephan and will be aware of the english language section of the bulletin board together with Tony.
We will both read your entries and give our best possible support.

Also, as a preview, there will be a new, much advanced forum system soon, watch out!

Greetings, Stephan

Sorry to hear about your troubles… just wanted to say I’ve only ordered a couple of times from SIP – and emailed twice with questions. The emails were responded too in less than 24 hours both times. I think my orders showed up right away as well…also received an email confirmation of the order (have you not received that either?)

I am disappointed by the slow (or lack of) responses by SIP personnel in the bulletin board section. I posted a question in the 50cc scoot section and have had no replies at all. Kind of surprises me a bit, but I’m guessing they don’t really read this?

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted out quickly.