No DHL tracking outside Germany?

Hey guys


Just wondering, aren't DHL shipments supposed to be trackable?

Mine (invoice 75090/2009) just says Shipment to abroad was processed at the International Parcel Station (IPS)?

It's also not trackable through the and website?

Ps: it's a shipment to Belgium


Hi guys,

I'm from Portugal and I've managed to track my parcel trough

You only have to know the identcode, and that's it.


Good luck


Ahhhhhhh ...



Now i´m understanding!

The situation is like this:




1. If you choose the flatrate shipping with DHL the tracking is limited.

2. If you choose the shipment with UPS you can track everytime ! But DHL is the cheaper way ...






Managed to find some more reference numbers using the german website.

Will contact them tomorrow.





I am Italian but I've lived the past 10 years in England. I only ask because I am very courios and I like to know when my parcels arrive. There is no real need this time, my packet has only been sent yesterday and I know it doesn't take more than 2/3 days. [:D]

It is nice to know when it arrives though so I know if I have to stay at home or I can go out on a particular day.



Thanks! Thats better!

...but this now begs the question...  is contacting you the only way to work out the shipment number?

Can you just modify the tracking on Sip website to include it rather than have only an "internal" one?


I know, I am a pain....




Hi dude ...

please check and choose track and trace.

I tried it and i found out that today there was a problem to send out your parcel.

Parcel is in the warehouse since 19.10.2009

I guess they got a problem with your adress.


Please contact them ...


Good luck !


Howdy !


The tracking code is 00342600885100194904 (shipped with DHL)

and left our building on 03.11.2009 at 17:43  [8-|]





can you guys explain how to track the shipping through dhl website? I tried many times and it always come up with some sort of error!




Hi Dude ...


Please give me your customer number an i will check for you the parcel status !

ma se parli italiano perche non chiede nel forum italiano ?? [:D]