No back order received. no email after sending 6, not happy

This has to be the worst customer service I have ever encountered. This is the second time items are in stock online when ordered then not in stock to be delivered. First time I waited 5 weeks and chased with 2 emails.

Now its been 9 weeks since placing my order on the 3rd March !!!! Still wailting for items, no email of explanation. Got an email from someone called Britta who said I'll have them in 2 weeks, that was 6 weeks ago, since then nothing.

SIP have to be the worst shop for customer servcie that I know, which is shame as there products are great. After service, SHITE. They have got a lot to learn.

Best buy from Taffspeed Racing, Kegra Racing or PM Tuning who are all fantastic UK dealers with great care for their customers, which is why they have been going for over 20 years.

If SIP carry on like this they won't make it to 2010 !

Best of luck, you'll need it.

Lost customer.


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Hi Richard,

just found your topic and first of all sorry for having had trouble with an order at SIP.
Please let me know if all is solved again (seems to me when I look into our computer system) and if the problems have been worked out by our staff so you are satisfied again.
You can send me a PM, thanks.

Greetings, Ralf

Same problem mate. Order stuff, half of it on back order when it was supposed to be in stock, what did arrive was missing some items which according to the invoice should have been there!!!

Complete bollocks, I don't think I will be buying anything else