nfk reed block

Hey fellas,
Anybody have any experience with nfk reed blocks?

I cant seem to find anything about them on the net.

i am gonna buy the nfk block, cos it is only 25 pounds with a mikuni carb.

yeah mate, im pretty happy with this one. Just hoping its a 30mm (the guy selling it aint sure on the size, but for 25 quid whos complaining?)

Yes you can and from MB of course! Why don’t you just buy the MB reedblock?

Yes they are very good. Similar to MB developements ones. The MB ones are better because of the way the carb is mounted. The NFK ones have a mounting similar to a malossi ie shit

Ah this is from the guy in scootertrader? Saw that myself but was too late. Youv’e got a bargain there.

So is it possible to change over the mounting? To a better one like the mb one? Any idea where to buy these?