Newbie: vespa 125 wont kick up

i dont know much about vespa or whats going wrong with mine, i’ve tried kick start it with over 40 kicks without the engine coming on at all.

i’m not sure which way the fuel tap should be twisted to the left or the right, i presume the tap pointing up is fuel off, so i tried both, and tried using the choke.

Someone said it could be spark plug probs, i’ve cleaned the plug and checked in a book and the plugs now clean in good condition at the right distance to, 0.6mm.

the engine hasnt been running for ages and when it did run it cut out and couldn’t get high rev’s, cut out when turning around going slow etc.

also read somewhere it might be oil in the carboretter causing the prob, is this the prob or is it something else?


My next step would be to check and clean out the fuel supply:

New petrol, clean tank as neccessary), tap (as neccessary…tank full of rust bits, then clean), carburettor (dismantle, clean with carb cleaner and air, check operation of internals re-assemble with new gasket), and try again.

The link is a good online resource for Vespa

Is thier a spark?,put the plug against the head with the cap on and give it a kick if thier is no spark change spark plug, if not take off spark plug cap put the lead against the head and check for a spark ,could keep going but best check that it sparks first!;D

the spark plug works im getting a spark from it, what else could be the problem?