Newbie: lambretta 150cc cut outs?

i was wondering what could be causing this problem.
the bikes in 2nd gear going 30 odd miles and hour, engine cuts out and the back tire locks, then skid all over the place till the bike stops with smoke of the tires everywhere.
didnt know where to post, no lambretta forum sections

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If you hit a fully open thottle, you will get a seize.

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the engine was rebuilt not long ago month or 2

Likely somthing to do with the re-build then (take it back to the shop if that’s the case)

A new oversize piston, re-bore and hone should set you back about 60 sheets (if’ that’s all that’s damaged)…you’ll still need to establish and cure te cause though. (start with the carb and timing)

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Buy a Vespa, much much more reliable.

90% Certain to be a hard seize (piston to barrel):

Air leak, Carburation/fuel lubrication, Ignition are the usual culprits
(You didn’t forget to put yer 2 stroke in the tank? When was the engine last re-built? Is the fuel tank clean? Carb and manifold tightened down properly…

Could also be crank or piston ring failure.

A mechanical failure in the gearbox/drive train is a less likely possibility

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Sorry to but in,but if stuck try here;

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