Newbe questions about vespa

Hello, im new vespa user so i have some questions.
I have buy the new model of the px 125 (i think its millenium) and after watch some products of the web im a bit confused.

I wanted to change the horncover to a roundshape form, is there any products here? wich one will fit in my model?

I want to change the seat for 2 single seats, do they fit all on my model? need i more things to install them or is everything in the package?

I have make 2000 km… the guy of the shop didnt tell me anythigng… have i to check something like motor oil or something like that?

Wellm sorry for such a stupids questions… im new…


Original von lugosi:

I want to change the seat for 2 single seats, do they fit all on my model? need i more things to install them or is everything in the package?

Hi, the seat:
Single saddle PX, rear

Art.-No. 24104400

appears to have three 8 mm holes that corespond with the three M8 treads at the end of your bike, two of them secure the fuel-tank. you will need:
3 off M8 x 25 lg, hex. head screws, and 3 washers.

For the front seat, use existing screws.


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hello and welcome,

first of all check the oil, (for the mix) I am sure you will need it after 2000km.
It is a good idea to change the gear oil too.

The horncover:

you could use a T5 one.

Seat: I don’t know about the two single seat, I am sorry…

As for horn casting you can get vintage style ones to bolt on, along with vintage style panels, and possible mudguard. Not sure who makes them but I have seen a mini-article at the front of scootering in the new products bit, a couple of months ago, and more recently an advert.

Not sure if SIP stock them. They might only be available from the manufacturers, and I am not sure if they are plastic steel or fibreglass.

Sorry for the lack of detail, if I can hunt it down I will post again, otherwise someone with a better memory than me may be able to add to this.



Why not just remove your engine and turn your scooter upside down and use it as a boat?

Use mastic and fibreglass to plug any leaks.
You can use the remains of your sidepanels as oars or whores for what they’re worth.


Don’t go there.

Buy the horncover if you must but you can buy genuine VBB panel’s for less,mudgaurd’s to but they’ll need a bit of work.Possibley the mudgaurd from the kit too.Avoid the panel’s at all costs,you need to butcher you origional’s and glue the outer’s on.

It’s a f…ng joke.[:angry:]

Horncovers-As Curare said the T5 one will fit,as will MK1 p range or any PK model.

Single seats-I’ve seen them elsewhere so I presume SIP will stock them.Do a search on seats.[;)]

Yeah that did suprise me too, especially for the price. I suppose it’s to make it easier with the electrics etc…

They are GRP too, is that fibreglass or plastic? Mind you a PX horn cover is plastic anyway.

It suggested using a couple of blocks of wood to attach the horncover too, not as bad as cutting your existing panels down.


Found it.