New Sprint Forks?

What`s this I keep seeing about new sprint forks based on PK forks? Where can I find more info on them.


Hello Pat,

this is a modified PK-fork and this one will fit straight on to every Rally/Sprint/GTR/…! You could use a disc brake and Bitubo shock with this fork.

This are the most important things in this case, I think!!

Best regards,

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

Not sure think you would have to email SIP about that, I want to buy some myself soon so I’ll need to know as well

[:D] [:D]

What do you want to know?
If you fit them you will be able to also fit a disk brake and a PX/PK front shock with less dive

Rob Ormsby [:bounce:] [:dance3:] [:bounce:]

Well I guess it was more general info I cant seem to find them in the catalog. How much do they cost, that sort of stuff. At the column stops correct unlike the normal PK forks. I just cant seem to find them referenced anywhere other then in these forums. I`m loving the idea of not having to modify the PK forks myself.