! NEW SIP SPEEDOMETER ANALOG/DIGITAL FOR VESPA Super / Sprint - Sprint veloce / GTR / TS / Rally etc. - GP STYLE!

Oh yeah baby yeah, this would be so sweet to put in my classic racers!  Please do a clam version, can't wait to put this on my VBB racer!

Seems like we have to bomb the SIP-mailbox with request for a clam version!?!?!

Lets do so! [6]


Yess pleease! We need a clamshell version! I need two of them. And I really hope it will be white, and not black like the others. 


I mean, who rides a PX anyways? Real racers use clamshell speedos. (They do!)

The black face clamshell looks pretty cool as well...

Hi dudes


be shure that i´ll trying to consist for the clam shell speedo to the sip guys[;)]




Hi dude


believe me,  if we got news i will place a generally post for all clamshell drivers [8-|]




There is demand for the clam-shell vbb speedo. I want one aswell please!!!

here are news on the shell shape speedos:



Hi LaRocca!


Any news of speedos fitting clamshell scooters??

If they are made available on the sip store, we could pre order, pay and then just have to wait till they arrive....