New SIP Classic Vespa Highlights brochure 2010

Hot as asphalt in the sun: the brandnew SIP classic vespa highlight brochure. 50 pages full of sexy stuff from SERIE PRO, QUATTRINI, FALC, MALOSSI etc. Also including an exclusive feature of our latest Custom project "Glorious Basterd".




Hello SIP team,

Can you tell me what additional parts I will need to fit the GTS rims to my PX/T5 scooter, other than the front hub assembly and the modified rear drum brake ?

I have the grimeca disk brake set-up on the front and a bitubo shock, the rear is standard set-up.  Will I need to use the SIP wide tyre spacer to push the engine across to accomodate the wider rim ?

I also have two standard GTS rims, etc. will they fit ok ?