New Scooter Trumps

The next pack of scooter trumps is on the way it will feature street racers from around europe. if you have a good looking auto street racer i 'm short in pictures of these and details then e-mail me before saturday 19th feb 2005 if you would like to be included. And Moritz if your reading this get your finger out and send me those pictures and details. [:rotate:] [mark=yellow][email protected] .uk[/mark]

Hi Dave!
I tried that address ([email protected]) after i saw the ad in scootering, but it bounced back.
Price + pnp? Do you take cheques?

If you have a custom scoot send me an e-mail to have it featured. I’m currently looking for Mirror, lights & oddities, Chops, 2 Wheels plus, Customs for 2nd Edition & Street Racers for 2nd Edition.

The third set is out now Mirrors Lights and Oddities


it will give you all details about ordering

The New pack of Street Racers Trumps are out now and i accept Paypal as well more details e-mail me at[mark=red] [email protected][/mark] [:roll:]

Sorry i haven’t checked this for a while check my web site for more details at

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