New Rims, should go tubeless?


I want to buy new rims for my black PX150 and I really don't know If I should go tubeless or not.

I fully understand the advantages of going tubeless, but most of the people I know tell me I should keep using regular rims so  I can do everything by myself in case of a flat tyre.

Money is not really the issue, and I found the arguments to be safety but a pain in the ass handling the rim, against the decrease in weight of the aluminium rim. Opinions?

Also, when will the black tubeless rim be back in stock?


In my Vespa I mounted the tubeless rim Sip and im very happy for the result, 100% advisable!!

Hi Chad !


I just wanted to tell you that the rims should be back in stock in about 2-4 weeks !





I think that with lighter rimms the stability at higher speeds will decrease. The stability depends on the centrifugal forces of a rotating wheel, with less weight the centrifigal force will be smaller also.

has anyone had problems getting the sip nuts on with the tubeless rims? i am really struggling to get mine on my front hub! I think it is due to the tolerance of the machined recess for the nut being a close fit and maybe some of the silver paint in the recess. Also because the profile of the rim is not parallel the nut touches one side of the rim and stops it picking up the thread. 


Anyone experienced this??

Find my tubeless rims work perfectly when shod with conty twists, no stability problems at speed and I have 26 bhp on tap.  


a friend in my scooter club got them and a really likes them. the rims are lighter, but you can fit wider tires on them(i believe he went with 100mm) so that might offset some of the weight loss. also, if money isn't really an issue- get three of them so your spare will also be tubeless. and if you don't like them, i'm sure you'll have no problem selling them to someone.(when i save up the cash, i'll be looking to pick up three of the all black.) my question is- are the nuts avalible in black? hope that helps. later..

Hey Chad...


Been using the SIP tubeless rims for almost a month now. Handling the first few days on them were a bit awkward what with the lighter aluminium and all but after a week, I did get used to them. It now feels just the same as the standard rims.

You're right though that you'd lose the DIY ability when you get a flat but that's negated somewhat because with tubeless rims, you gain the ability of using the "gunk" stuff to sort out your flat.

Oh, one other thing to bear in mind is the fact that SiP's rims use smaller type nuts to the standard one. Not a problem really but it would mean that if your spare will is a standard rim, you might want to keep some spare M8 in the glovebox as well. Hope this helps.



Now bought my second set and the air valve on one is rubbish, sent SIP an e mail but they have not answered me as yet. Expensive if you cant keep air in them...............