New PX200 - Input please!

Hi guys

First post here…I am getting delivery of my new black PX200 on Wednesday. I Can’t wait!
I have a ton of questions and I would really appreciate your input! Here we go:

  1. What’s the best way to run the new engine in? My dealer said to „go for it“ hard from the beginning and vary the load on the engine and the speed. Opinions?..

  2. I want to fit a new exhaust system. Which one to go for?.. A bit more oomph and a better sound is what I’m after. At this stage, I’m not interested in modifying anything else on the engine (ie 210cc upgrade, etc…maybe later :)). I have read as much as I could on the net, and it looks like SIP exhausts is the way to go. There as so many to choose from!..I quite like the idea of the Performance with carbon muffler (mod # 21002000) because it fits with the spare wheel, and it’s cheaper than the SIP PX200 (mod # 20011000). Sound-wise, I prefer a lower sound rather than the „motocross“ hi-pitched sound. Do they differ in that respect? I guess what I’m getting at is, simply: which one?
    Also, can I fit a SIP exhaust without re-jetting the carburetor, or is that a must? And if yes, which? Is there anything else needed to do on the engine in order to run the SIP exhaust?

  3. I also want to upgrade the suspension with good quality adjustable ones. Which ones to go for? Biturbo?

Thanks heaps!


Congrats on your new machine, you should have a some great times with it.

1. Regarding with running engine in, try and get yourself a copy of Haynes Manual for the Vespa PX series (largeframe) the manual contains a great deal of information concerning maintenance and various things. For first 800 km (anyone correct me if i’m wrong on that) take it easy avoid revving to too much, use the gears. After the first 800 km you can progressive be more aggressive on the throttle.

2. I would leave the exhaust stock for now until engine runs in. Regards exhaust, the SIP pipes are awesome, they are a fair bit louder then stock on idle there is a pronounced deep hollow idle noise.  With stock barrel it revs out a bit more (you’ll note as you ride with a expansion pipe the change in engine note and power as it comes onto ‚pipe‘). When you fit the pipe you definitely want to up the jet 118+ i would say 120ish or even 122. Because you definitely don’t want it to learn out in higher rpm. The key is to experiment and plug chop. Another good combo with a pipe if your planning to keep things stock is to drill out the air filter (there is a heart shape housing in the stock airfilter, you want to drill out at the heart end points, this will allow the engine to aspire bit more easily). The drilled out heart area will help with the pipe. You can also pick up a bit more hp from fitting a lighter flywheel.

You also have to ask yourself what type of tune you want at the end of the day, because so then you can progressively buy parts and head towards the style of tune you want. Revvy peak race tune? or torquey cruiser?

3. Suspension I have no experience with that yet have to wait for other forum members to enlighten you upon that.

Thanx for input! Well, quite a bit of time went by since my first post!..The following is just a report - no questions to be answered.

The engine is fully run-in now, runs great. Was not particularly gentle with it, just made sure to vary the speed a lot and change gears often.

As far as exhaust go, I did a LOT of reading on this forum and I ended up getting the PM tuning chromed. Installation was not that easy - some parts needed readjusting to fit properly - but the spare wheel fits without spacers. Engine is standard, I changed the jet to 118, drilled a hole in air filter and added NGK race plug. That’s it.
Good points: I like the boost in performance. The engine definitely revs harder and cleaner, so it’s faster on acceleration. The sound is great too. It’s louder than a friend of mine’s SIP Performance pipe and probably on par with another friend’s ScootRS pipe. Build quality is very good.
Less good points: I guess it’s a matter of taste, but the end „can“ - the bit at the end of the exhaust near the rear wheel - tilts down, and it looks quite low. Wonder what it would be like with two-up…The expansion chamber itself is straight, but the joint where it connects with the end can is tilted in such way to make the can tilt down. It’s not a bad look, but visually I think the SIP Performance looks better. But, of course, the SIP cannot accommodate the spare wheel, which on my scoot looks quite nice with whitewalls showing. Nevertheless, it’s quite different-looking than what’s on PM Tuning’s website, where this particular exhaust looks straight, not tilted down. Another less good point is the loss in torque. It’s not something that bothers me greatly, because it’s not a huge loss of torque, but it’s there. But I was aware of that, so that’s ok. Not an issue, but I thought I’d mention it. I was told that short-gearing it with a T5 fourth is quite a job, so maybe when I’ll go for a Pinasco upgrade one day…