New Polini clutch and gear box, but what about the clutch cover


I have a Vespa 50 Special(v5b3t) with a Polini 102cc cylinder, clutch and gear box, but the clutch cover is original.


I have not managed to adjust the clutch properly, either is the clutch slipping or it´s grabbing. I can also see that the clutch cover have some scratches inside that match scratches on the clutch(edge of the clutch plates).


Is this because the Polini clutch is larger than the orignale one, and possible the reason why I have not managed to adjust the clutch poperly?


Will a new clutch cover from SIP solve this problems, like art .nr. 2861500, or is it posible to grind the clutch cover inside?


Thanks for advises.



Yes, the Poline clutch is bigger than the original one. I don´t think it´s higher, but it´s wider.

Will the spacer solve this problem as well?


Is it necessary to use gasket on both sides of the spacer?


Since the distance from cover and clutch increase, is it necessary change the push rod to a longer one, or want the distance be a problem?

The use of a spacer of increase is not necessary since you separate it takes to win that space of the clutch cover.


I think that so would that work well.
As for the Board, I personamelte do not use gasket only a paste of seal.

located where rub clutch, that can be is more width than the original, if so I recommend that you use this article to the extent that need it 90898100
You have it in 1 mm or 2 mm

I hope I helped