New pitone exhausts

do any of you english petrol heads have an old rotten or split pitone for a p2 that really needs throwing away but could be thrown my way??.i have facilities and materials to manufacture these in stainless steel but need one for a pattern.once the pattern is made i can kick them out for about £40 a go.and past tests have proven they are the dogs nuts for mallossi/pinasco kitted p2’s.if anyone can help i’ll give em a pipe for half price

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

but I know a three men who might !!!
I’ll see what I can do, but don’t hold your breath[:D]

I can get the measurments,but not the pipe[:(]
He wont take it off! so if BEERACE can, point your semi lob on, his direction!!!
If still stuck, I’ll keep pestering him ;D

See I told you Stroud was up north! Can I have one aswell?

wot, a beer or a stroud??? the beer would be a pleasure acey baby but stroud’s a bit dear,i can only afford one house

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

any news on these „reborn Pitone Exhausts“ ??? I’ve got one on my PX200 (see photos on my profile scoot) since 1992 and it still alive (well not I change it 3 times from Beedspeed !!)

[quote user="vespadoctor1"]these will be a joint venture between b-race tuning and slick scooters. hopefully be produced later this year or early next year[/quote]

ok, keep me in touch at [email protected] , I'm interested in a 200 baffless version !

Hiya Slidy, the Doc’s gonna give me a call at w/e, to sort it out. Gotta b better than going on THE ebay. Pint o beer, £47. must be a bargain, must buy it now!

cheers slidy.believe me ,i ,more than any man on this earth,wanted to get my hands on a pitone,but the sick fukker that just splashed out £195 for one needs gang raping by a container ship full of russian sailors to teach the c**t a lesson in common sense.thanks to the scootering wizard BEERACE he has given me(not robbed me)given me an almost new pitone which took me 1hr to convert from fitting 125 to 200 and the pinasco 225 its sat on loves it.because its new its a shame to chop it up so once it gets tired the stainless ones get going.thanks a lot for your help slidy i really appreciate it.if you read this beerace,you have my eternal thanks for giving it to me but as we know its all in the process of developement!!in case i dont see you there have a good wedding day on april 8th and we will meet again!to the rest of you beerace is a man to watch in future,he’s forgotten more about scooters than the rest of us have learnt between us and hes doing it big stylee for the good of the rest of us

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

This should answer your question Joe, and its the gospel, according to the Messiah, THE DOC.

[:D] Ace, thanks for pointing me to this thread.
Has anybody done business with this shop:

If you navigate to the exhaust section it looks like they are selling new Pitones. I thought they had stopped making them years ago.

Anyway, guess I’ll have to take a closer look at the pipe I found and see what kind of shape it’s in.

[:drink:] [;)]
Thanks again,

cheers slidy i await your reply with a semi lob on !!!

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

beerace,stroud is in gloucestershire! is your pitone a new un or what?i’d prefer an old rotten one unless its free of course???and yes the 125 is the same as p2 except for the in pipe

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

these will be a joint venture between b-race tuning and slick scooters. hopefully be produced later this year or early next year

Fuck me, I was only joking! £195!dosen’t even fit a T5!;D
Vespadoctor hurry up with the stainless ones you’ll make a killing![:D]

hello slidy,managed t get a gear kit in the end theyre back in stock at for pitone standard baffled or baffless doesnt matter,its mainly for the expanded chamber sizes and shapes and to build a jig,then i can make either and in mild steel or stainless.why got one kickin around ???[?[]pleez say yes,pleez say yes pleez say yes) sorry thinkin aloud

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Do you mean the old baffless one?
and also try some less famous scooter shops in the uk for the gearup kit, as they all used to sell them,one was selling them cheap! sorry can’t rember wich one[?[] was in scootering.

i didnt read this before i replied about the gear kit. from what i have been told (youll have to confirm this) the pitones were the same chamber for the 200 as the 125/150. from memory this would be correct, but different down pipes. IF tjhis is correct i have a n.o.s. 125 pitone on my shelf, youd have to re-configure the downpipe @ 34mm id tube. confirm beforehand. when you likely to be in the s.w.? (p.s. Stroud is north)

Heres one

started at a £10,probably about £100 within an hour!!!

cheers slidy fekking e-bay wont let me register!!.appreciate your help mate,buy you a beer someday

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984