new pipes

new for xmas is the beerace dominator pipe for 200 vespa.designed around my 210 this pipe delivers an extra 2.5hp than the sip left hander.the dyno graph shows a power curve from top to bottom delivering smooth power throughout. using a mechanical muffler it doesnt need repacking like the rest of the market pipes and is quieter than the sip taffspeed pipe.its a bit of a mike tyson… big black and ugly but packs a serious punch.this will blow the expansion pipe market apart as the power delivery will suit standard 200 as well as highly tuned sprint engines such as mine.if you want to bolt on something shiny that does nothing buy crashbars, if you want power like no other pipe, contact beerace and order the dominator.IT KICKS SERIOUS FUKKIN ARSE. available soon but order now or join the que. mark my words sip moderators,next year this pipe will be on your shelves(briefly) while stocks last. all you tuning freaks cant miss out THE DOC

Hi there Stubbsy, Yes, Ive been beavering away bloody hard with prototypes and testing. Sorting out suppliers etc. The design is a different formula to the Mickeck, which worked well higher up the rev range but not a heck of a lot in the lower spread. This pulls like a train from nothing up to 9k+. Are you running T5 with 210 engine now? For all you T5 riders out there, a version should be ready for late Feb. with the same power delivery and increased horses to boot. The muffler design isnt unlike the Mickeck but quieter than most on the market currently without the restrictions to cause overheating problems. Hopefully I can get E type approval on it for the european boys and girls. BEERACE.

god that beerace bloke is so modest. all you need to know is its the dogs bollox,cheaper than wot the great forger jim lomas sells and does the job.

Dan, Visually it is similar in appearance but thats about where the similarity ends. As for fitting with a rear disc, I cant see a problem but would need to see a couple a photos of the actual scoot it was going on to be sure.

…and how to reserve the exhaust?[H]

mallossi t5 engine i just fancy a different exhaust to what ive already tried which are pm which fell apart a second hand taffspeed which was good but a bit knackered at the moment im useing a sip performance which is average but it doesnt fall apart .so im really interested in your exhaust before i run outoff idea,s many thanks sean

Charles, I have replied to your email but to make clear on the forum here, To get European type approval, as the JL pipe has, both noise limits and POWER limits Must be +/_ 5% of stock and not over 80db as tested at officially designated test sites throughout Europe. 3 in the UK, (They even have to use type approved asphalt, I kid ye not!!) Any type approved (E Stamped) pipe must meet the required limits. To gain Any significant gain in power the washer/ baffle has to be removed, but with the power, comes the noise level increase! My pipe does benefit from being quieter than the competition but is still above E limits, Unfortunately BSAU limits do not apply to newly designed pipes anymore, (although this pipe was first used in 1991 so may qualify.). Removing the washer/ baffle is not recommened for road use, but is up to the individual on receipt of the pipe ( beyond my control!). As to cracking, Its STAINLESS!! say no more!! To the Americans reading this, Im sorry, but Im unable to get the pipe to Charles in time for testing, but I will do my best for the next issue. Those of you not going to use it on the road will be able to get their hands on one very soon. (Type approval is in progress but will take time, Im dealing with a European/ UK government department afterall!!)

hello Beerace,

I saw you are on line. So, it is ready for the PX200?


thank you, if you can please send me also a photo in my e-mail ([email protected]) with if you have some comparative dyno curve. I would like to test the interest of some of my customers that I know are planning to change their exhausts. Maybe somebody could make a revervation on it.
I know that it is hard to put in the market a product against some long established name, but I believe that there is something special in the first creation from passionate and competent people. Generally this kind of products has more flavour…I don’t know if you understand what i mean.
Good luck and good work.

beerace darling,wheres my baby!!! my little beauty is too loud without that sexy little black number slung below decks. stop drinking the meths and get making, the docs dyno needs to feel dominator curves. prrrrrrrrrrr ! wiggy’s gt needs to feel your pipe oo’er

It’s really easier even with no special knowledge for a chromed pipe to become black than for a black one to become chromed!!!

Fantastic BEERACE mate, don’t let the doc moan about the finish, there’s money in shine mate, let those that want matt black paint their own. FOR ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS; I HAVE SEEN THIS PIPE IN THE FLESH, AND HEARD IT ROAR. I WAS CAMPED RIGHT BESIDE IT AT WOOLACOMBE RALLY LAST SEPTEMBER. IT IS AWESOME AND WELL WORTH THE MONEY. Ace mate are you going to Revival’s next open day in april, might see you there, sorry not been in touch lately but been up to the gills at college, finished 5 city & guilds and am now qualified CAD Draughtsman, just started the last one, Architechtural Desktop, so will be an Architechtural Draughtsman when finished, want to do some work with Inventor and Mechanical Desktop as well, but there are no C & G Qualifications for those yet, so concentrating on Architechtural. When you get your premises sorted will you be having an open day? If you need a hand on the day I’ll volunteer if you want help in the shop.

after an exhaustive day (pardon the pun) on the dyno testing dominator pipes for all big vespa’s a lot of data has been produced in order to get these pipes to you people. was it impressive??? how does 23.8bhp and 99.9mph from a 210 grab ya?? i know what youre thinking, hmmm could be better i know, but give me and the ace some slack we’re getting there. cheers for a fukkin great day ace,now knuckle down and get the gt ready for the 9th coz its showwwwtiiiiime. no sleep till we break the 100mph !!!

hate to say this,but, TOLD YOU SO DIDNT I ???. acey baby, getting a lot of feedback for the b-race equipe as well, unbelieveable ground clearance and a nice pitch note let alone dead sexy in chrome( even tho i think chrome looks girly) see you at newquay for much beerage till i fall asleep dreaming of cone diameters and nylon bushes

If you can get the standerd p200 pipe on the market, you’ll make a killing! tell us when their ready, and I will send them your way![:D]

Big figures there but notice youre running to 7900 revs. Is this by design? With your spec engine and the capabilities of the Malossi piston, the ability is there to take to a safe limit of 10k. What exhaust timing are you running? Around the 182-185 is an educated guess. Could you go as far as 190-200 with it? Are your transfers standard malossi? Also, There is a massive drop when down around the 6k rev mark (10hp) compared to 7920, What pipe is this with? Seems VERY peaky, you must really feel the powerband. With my pipe I would expect possibly a tad more overall but significant gains lower and much lower on the revs. Time will tell ,eh?

will your exhaust fit the rear disc and wide wheel set upim going to fit on my t5 thanks sean[:smile:]

AndyH, and those following progress of this thread, The lammy pipe is IMPRESSIVE. It has been developed with one of the country’s most respected tuners and together weve produced something quite special, in mild steel, not stainless. Peak power higher than the JL race pipe, over 30% increase in power on the taffspeed pipe. Wide power spread and pulls from nothing. revs to 8.5k with good overrun. On the cast iron barrelled 205 with a race pipe the output was 25.5 hp. with a taffy pipe 20.6 hp, pm 22.6hp at 9.8k and mine was pulling up to 26 wide spread and from low down, gear changes were amazing, 2nd to 3rd dropping into over 20hp and 3rd to 4th at over 22hp. The dealer in question will be selling from about april after extensive road trials. Ive also got prototypes out to another dealer to suit the GT kit, with full bodywork, undergoing testing this week. Getting the ground clearance right but still using a mechanical muffler is not easy. WORTH WAITING, And different styles to suit full bodywork or cutdown/chopper to boot!!

Yes, the final selling price is to be £190. For the power gains I think this is fair without taking the p@ss. I know the initial response will be slow but once feedback comes in, and Scootering have done their long term testing and reported back I think I may sell a few.

I have some finished p2 pipes, but unfortunately those pesky down pipes are elusive, although got some encouraging news today. I will photograph this week and try to post them here before the weekend, all going well. Ive yet to get one to the chromers for those that prefer this finish, although for my own choice I prefer black! Im getting there folks, thanks for both your encouragment and orders.