Have just ordered a new P2 while they are still available, has anybody any experience as to what to expect out of the bike as standard? and is there anything i can do immediately to maximize the engines output without bolting anything on, ie; upjetting or timing alteration?
What is the general view on how the withdrawal of the PX200 and further down the line the PX125 will affect the scooter scene in general, are we now going to see the same thing happen to second hand Vespas as have happened to Lambrettas where the sky is the limit for a good machine or will Vespa jump back into the market and price their own machines to suit?

Without a doubt the PX/PE secondhand prices will go up a fair bit eventually. When people want a new scoot and can only get a used one it’s going to push the prices up. There will also be more LML scoots sold I think. Hopefully the new vespa looks more like an updated PX rather than an updated Cosa ;D

I knew it was running hot as at the time I was doing a 20 mile each way commute on the motorway and was using a B9ES plug. After a while at high speed it would start to pink so I changed the timing and it cured it. I could have gone to a B10ES but that plug is far too cold. There is no way that a standard engine should need a B9ES and still pink so it had to be the timing.

When I first got mine it did about 62-63 mph just after running in. After a couple of thousand miles it did 65mph everytime and if I was brave enough to keep the throttle fully open on the motorway it would creep up to 70mph. One thing I did do was to change the timing to 21 degrees as it was running a little hot.

Forgive the ignorance, but how did you know it was running hot and wouldnt it have been easier to put a hotter plug in for harder riding?

…and hopefully with semi-automatic gears [H]