NEW Engine LML P150X / PX150E for my 1967 SUPER


Please help me. I need a new engine for my 1967 150cc Super. Is the LML P150X/ PX150E a suitable choice? Has anyone fitted one to a Super or Sprint ? I know it has 10`rear hub, I would not mint to fit a new steering and rims to acomodate 10´wheels...

Please help, thanks,


Hi Pedro,

              I have fitted the new 5 port LML engine and it transforms the scooter, with the 10" wheels the bike is pretty fast compared to the original engine (the LML has 10bhp!!)

Wiring is relatively easy but i purchased a complete loom specially made for fitting a modern engine, everything else is basically the same.

Good luck


you can also try to find an used px 125/150 engine housing and fit in a 177 DR or polini with a cosa cluth



See on our french Forum, it's here

You are all welcome...

We all keep our original loom, you just have to modify or change the break switch and maybe modify the light switch.