NEW Engine LML P150X / PX150E for my 1967 SUPER


Please help me. I need a new engine for my 1967 150cc Super. Is the LML P150X/ PX150E a suitable choice? Has anyone fitted one to a Super or Sprint ? I know it has 10`rear hub, I would not mint to fit a new steering and rims to acomodate 10´wheels...

Please help, thanks,


   I have just fitted the LML150 engine into a 64 model, straight swap no problem (just need to fit a regulator for the 12v lights and change the handlebar switch and brake switch) i changed the front end to 10" using one of the SIP fork conversions so modern brakes etc... as the new LML motors are 10bhp!




the engine will fit w/o any modifications - you have only to change the rear brake drum with the splashshield and the brakepads from the old engine.