New engine build advice

Hey All,

Based on a project on, I found an old VBA and have decided to put a new PX200 electric start in it (as well as upgrade the front end to the PK, etc.).  I am seeking advice on the motor...  I definitely want to put a Malossi top end on it, and given all the extra power and the very light weight of the bike, what is the consensus on the upgear kits?  I think I should be able to use very tall gears without a problem due to the upgraded, bigger motor in the smaller, lighter frame.

What about this Worb5 24/63 versus the regular Malossi upgear kit?  Is it worth the extra money?

Also, I know want to stick with injection (sorry, boring, I know...), so what about the Mazz. cranks versus the Worb5 "special lip"?  Since I am not going "all out" (reed valve/huge carb, etc.), does this seem worth the expense?

Finally, the lightweight flywheel should not be a problem, right?  Based on the bigger motor/smaller frame...

Thanks for your opinions!

Malossi 210 needs the high revs to work, and they wont pull fourth gear with the wrong exhaust, so I would leave the gears,open the ports in the cases to match and get a machined head, not sure on crank ,better bearing's, but the cranks are openend for top end, so might be better useing standerd, untill you get the urge to go the whole way!!!!

hp4(don't touch the pinasco!)flywheel will fit fine, but hard on the clutch as no wieght but worth it just for the sound!! with a good exhaust[;)]