New Digital Speedo, Rev

I see the new Digital Rev/Speedo SIP have introduced, looks great. I have the Rally 180 with all original 6v system and points.

 Can it be fitted?

            Cheers Turtle

is it in mph as well as kph

Hi dude


You can use the speedocable that is allready installed in your scooter.

If you need a new one please tell me what scooter buildingdate and framenumber do you got.




Hello Turtle,

Yes the speedo 50000600 will fit your Rally 180, see model application list for this item.



Was really hoping to hear they were going to be in stock this week. Been waiting since March when I thought they were going to come out. Then I heard mid May. I wanted to fit it before taking my smallframe out on its first ride with its make over.

i got a ts 125 1976 but if im buying a new speedo id like to buy a new cable to go with it  in black oh did i say its got a px disc fork set up in it

been informed shipment due in at end of may...whoo hoo

Hi dude


yes of course also in mph !




How much longer till we can get them? Would like to put it on before a upcoming event at the end of the month. Thanks

he mate you got an art number for the speedo cable to match the speedo unit cheers