New clutch to PX 200E-86

I have a PX200E-86, and a few years back I bought a Cosa clutch from SIP which I mount last year. It was about 30 mil before it began to slip from bad to worse to give up. Opened the clutch cover and removed the clutch nut and then the clutch basket was in my hand, but everything else was stuck!!! Puller did not work, but after cutting away the friction plates and then added heat, cold, heat, cold and heat then eventually base plate came loose.

Now I stand without clutch.

I´ll tried to find a new clutch att SIPs homepage, and even thoug I try to be specific about my need in terms search on spare parts "by Scooter Models", and then "Vespa PX/T5/Cosa" there seams to be 100 and "non" suggestion that could be used or not, it´s not obvious to me anyway.

I want to find a clutch which fits perfect to my slightly trimmed PX 200E-86 and without my having to make many compicated modifications. When the engine is still open I also want to know what more things I should order and replace.

Can anyone give me solid tips/help, explain the differtents beetwen the different choices and preferably with a product number?

Best to just buy a standard Piaggio  clutch for an 86 P200E - that will fit,. I agree there is way too much choice and nothing like enough information about what each item will and will not fit.