New 200 racing kit

has any one got any info on the new 200 racingkit sip are selling
it has 3 trnsfers that look like the match the casings just wonderd what its made of and what set up is requierd e.g timing jet size

it looks like amodified standard 200 barrel so itll be cast iron but no different from running a standard one its just the ports modified and two side transfers lowered for crank case induction instead of bore wall induction.try 128 main jet and 190 air tube.should work well with sito plus

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

hello stocksmk1,not sure wot kit yer on about but would like to know more.for a safe bet put timing on 125 mark (18 degrees btc) and start with a 128/130 main jet.if its a 3 port from the casing(not 1 in casing and 2 further up barrel as std200) this jetting shoud be somewhere handy for std carb it and keep checkin plug for colour.bear in mind if you havnt got one on the table in front of you it may come with this information in the instructions recommending a particular setup and knowing these german boys being very thorough and precise may well be the case.happy kitting ,let me know if you get it,run it,set it up and what with just for future reference