Neos topspeed.

Many here on the forum claims that their Yamaha Aerox 100 has topspeed about 110-120 km/h.

I have a Yamaha Neos 100, same engine as the Aerox,  equiped with Malossi 125 cylinder, 22mm Dellorto carburetor, Top perfomance reed-valve, Malossi mulitvariator, Malossi X-belt, Malossi Fly-clutch, Malossi primary-gear kit.

Rollers in variator is 8,7 grams and mainjet (hauptduse) in carburetor is size 90.

 My topspeed is only 90 km/h, if i lean down against the steeringbar maybe 95 km/h. What i am doing wrong here to get so low topspeed??

Having a similar problem with my Aerox 100. It is a 2002 model.

I have not done as much to it as you have, but I have gone to a Tecnigas RS pipe, and a Malossi variator, and kevlar belt. When I went to the new pipe, I found I lost nearly all the low end power I had with the stock pipe, it doesn't really make much below 6750 rpm, so I find I have a very narrow powerband.

That said, I have been chasing the top speed speed I used to have prior to making these changes. I used to do an indicated (not actual) 105-110 km/h in completely stock form. Now it seems I am maxing out at about 90 km/h. I have tried every roller weight from really really heavy to really light, and just cant get the results I expected. Also acceleration is a bit better, but again a bit disappointing.

In hind sight, I think the pipe I went with is a bit to agressive for the stock engine. I am curious if maybe the LeoVince pipe might be a bit better. I have never seen one for the Aerox 100 in person, but from the photos it looks like the shape is a bit shorter and fatter that the tecnigas. From what I know this should indicate it would be better at low rpms.

But as with you, the lack of top speed really has me a bit stumped.

I would love someone who has a really nicely setup Aerox or Neo to post their setup!



First you must go to a mechanical workshop and fix your cylinderhead, because it´s made for low rpm.You must ask them to make a real squisband for the cylinder. Take your cylinder, piston and offcourse the cylinder head with you and ask them to weld it.

What kind of air filter you use? With a free-flow air filter you can use main jet bigger then 110. buy some in steps higher and test it.

Exhaust: Aftermarket is better then original, but not good. Go to an exhaust builder and make one, cost aboute 400 euro ready if you not build it self in pc.

I have tried all Aftermarket exhaust and every one is not good for this type of tuning.

Do not forget to use good quallity 2 stroke oil and offcouse a little in tank to for safe .